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Cause I would be interested in porting it over to MV.

Was this made using VX Ace? OR MV?

What was this made in?

I'm special needs, but I'm only slightly on the spectrum, with a sister in the middle. When i can, I definetly will buy this game and play it for youtube. I really hope this help people understand more about autism, and that it's not just an insult.

Ps. The thing about noise is so true for both of us. :)

Well, I am glad you discovered the game! When you do make a video please share it with us so we can check it out.


Hello, i wanna ask you, i just launched a game "Mouse In The House" but the problem is that when i wrote it on search bar i didn't find it, infact also i wrote my name "Purpi Max" on the search bar and it showes my name on the corner and beneath the name is 0 projects!! i still don't understand why?! i hope you could help me with that, thank you.

Sorry to hear that, but you will want to contact as we have no control of such things. Good luck getting that sorted out!

Thank you!